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Dawnna St Louis

Founder and CEO

“You don’t become a three time entrepreneurial success by accident. There’s definitely a formula and she’s got it.”
Entrepreneur Magazine – April 2010

See Dawnna in Action


Like you, serial entrepreneur and author, Dawnna St Louis knows that turning an idea into profits can be like running the gauntlet on American Ninja Warrior… over hot coals… in hurricane force winds!


But she also knows that it doesn’t have to be that way.  So, Dawnna transformed that gauntlet into a cakewalk.

Within three years of starting her business intelligence consultancy, Dawnna leveraged her 6ix Kick-A$$ Strategies to build a multi-million dollar business with a 40% profit margin and a client list filled with top Fortune 500 companies.

Since then, Dawnna has sold two businesses and is now the founder of the E-Suite Network.  This is where she takes her life’s work and changes the world.  Her goal is simple:  “Bridge the gap between the 99% and the 1% by transforming ten-thousand entrepreneurs into multi-million dollar business owners.  That’s where we start.”

Dawnna has a three part strategy to reach this goal:

1 – Education.  Teach people – who are serious about building a business –  how to start, build, run, and grow their business with proven and repeatable success strategies that work. That is where the Masterclass comes in.

2 – Action. People fail to succeed because they fail to act.  Create a mastermind program that holds business owners accountable for success.  That’s what makes the retreat valuable.

3 – Support. Give people the type of support they need. From weekly accountability groups to semi-annual retreats; with the right support system in place becoming a multi-million dollar entrepreneur becomes a reality waiting to happen. That is where the E-Suite Network and support system come in place.

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The E-Suite Plan-B Masterclass

Turn your experience into a business.


You’re ready to take your years of hard work and experience on the road. But… you don’t want to risk it all and fall flat on your face. If you go for it, you want to reduce the risk, increase results, and find success.

You’ve seen other people do it. Now it’s your turn.

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The E-Suite Retreat

Build success year after year.

Your semi-annual mastermind retreat that boosts your bottomline.

Expert Advice to Grow Your Expert Business

There are no cookie-cutter entrepreneurs and your mastermind retreat shouldn’t be either.

If you are a growth-oriented 21st century business-owner who finds excitement at the intersection of ambition and action then our E-Suite Retreat could be for you.